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Alina Pooping Diarrhea And Farts In Mouth Toilet Slave

Alina pooping diarrhea and farts in mouth toilet slave. Alina ate smoked fish, salad with cheese and garlic and with beer, and in the morning she started a severe diarrhea with fart. Then Alina wanted to smoke and relax.

Pee On Car 03

I am so in love with my car! It is my one and only. I will caress my car and I kiss you over and over on the window. I squeeze my tits on the window, and notice how hard my nipples get. I am so in love with my car. I caress you, kiss you rub my ass on you.. Yes you are my big love!BUT! If you ever fail me, betray me or you do not work for me no more, I will break you! I will humiliate you beyond your imagination! I will spit on you with green saliva. I will make you suffer and feel worthless! I will sit on you and just piss all over you! But you are allowed to imagine this is my pussy juices. This is how close you come to pussy juice if you fail me!Imagine you are my car, and dream away!

Shitting On The Kitchen Floor! – Part 3

My guy is so turned on with what he’s seeing, he makes me blow him with my shit-filled mouth! He even kissed me, tasting the foul-smelling shit on my tongue!

Kinky Lisa Shits And Pukes Again

After some foot worship Kinky Lisa climb up a table and orders the slave to lay down under her ass. Then she shits a huge susage in slaves mouth. She gives him also some puke as a desart.