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Kris 3 – Shitting Asshole Close Up

In this 3rd clip of Kris you can admire her beautiful asshole pulsing and shitting a nice, hard turd on a plate with some drop of piss. Great view. Her soft soles are also visible and at the end she touches her poop with her toes. Lovely. 😉

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I have visit my old school. Oh good old times… Shitty teacher and permanent this fucking homework. This must give a revenge I think! So I sit down on the stairs, lift up my skirt and piss in my pink panty… and smirch the school 😀

Pretty Girl Shits In Exchange For Cash – Part 2

They give her a bowl and make her produce shit and piss. She squats over the bowl and urinates on it. She was able to give quarter-full of piss. She stimulates her anus and shits on the bowl a few moments later. She shits again on a small blanket. The client hands over a wad of cash for her services.

Amateur Housewife With Dirty Shitted Ass

Amateur housewife with dirty shitted ass