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Gargling Piss Is Her Thing!

It’s her birthday today and she plans to do something she’s never done before. She’s not ready to venture into eating her own shit, but she can tolerate her own piss! So he gives her a glass bowl which she can piss on. After unloading a stream of warm urine, she brings the bowl to her lips and sips from it! She takes it a level further and gargles the liquid in her mouth!

You Like Me? Drink My Piss! – Full Movie Hd Only

I’m a hot bitch with lot of suitors. This one in front of me, he’s got potential but I gotta make sure he’s worthy. So I piss on a pitcher, almost filling it to the brim. I spit on it too, for good measure. I put some in a glass and make him drink it. And he did!

Shy Red Haired Jess Strips And Pees – Mp4

This cutie has to pee soon. She likes to being watched ? but is a little bit shy too! So she slowly starts to undress to show you her hot body. Then she sits down on the toilet and spreads her legs so that you can have a good view on her hot pussy! She takes her fingers, spreading her pussy too and then starts peeing. You can see the warm and golden liquid flow right out off her pussy. That’s what you like, don’t you…?