Girls Peeing Jeansboy

Toilet Time 56 – 57

I had very big bowel movements in this one. I’m very aware how much you guys adore us girls sitting on the toilet taking massive shits in perfect view for you. Long, juicy, creamy & thick turds slowly sliding out of my asshole, including some nice pissing action too!Intimate moments shared with you as I stake a shit and piss in the toilet for your viewing pleasure! – From Toilet Time 56No wonder I had cramps! I was really full! Pushed out no less than four turds for you in this one. Especially the first three were very long & thick. I have pretty healthy stools hehe. – From Toilet Time 57Be sure to check out my other videos including my girl on girl toilet slavery videos in my store xoxo

He Is Pissing While She Gives Him A Handjob

He is pissing while she gives him a handjob

Okada Emi Pooping 2

Okada Emi inserts a suppository in her anus which later starts to twitch and fart before releasing a seemingly endless stream of poop. Several times she thinks it’s over but more poop comes out. Nice views of her pink gaping anus. Multi-angle views.

Pissing And Shitting Closeup

Pissing and Shitting Closeup (JJ000871)