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Madame Du B’s Fart Suckers Delight!!

I got sooooooo much good feedback from Madame Du B’s debut!! I just knew you all wouldn’t be able to get enought of that delicious PAWG Ass!!! Now Come back and get another fix!!! She begins in the bathroom, She tells all of you how she knows you enjoy sucking big farts out her huge white ass, and that she’s all for it!! She can’t wait to feed you more farts to suck on!! She then takes you on a gassy compilation of farts everywhere!! When she wakes up in the morning, lounging in the living room, in the hallway in her tight black jeans, and even in the bathtub!!! This video ends where it began however, as after making you suck on all those delicious farts over the day, you come back to get treated to a few Brownies as well!! Another treat for you Fart lovers with a few plops mixed in at the end!!

Kuwashima Kaoru Pooping

Graceful college student Kuwashima Kaoru poops in front of the camera for the first time. She loves showing off her glorious body while she twitches and gapes her perfect anus to push more shit out. Masterpiece. Multi-angle views.

Triple Chocolate Compilation

6 chocolate beauties dropping off some nasty chocolate dumps into their chocolate slaves mouth.