Girls Piss With Shit Eating

I Piss For You!

You look happy to if I piss for you? Then look closely at how I spread my lips for you and you can look just like my golden juice from my juicy cunt gushes. Lie down under it and enjoy it to feel the warm juice. And then I still shower for you and jump into the cool pool …

In The 6th Month Shitting Really Big Sausage

I am 6 months pregnant now shit finally really big things. The sausage was now about 5 cm thick. I really love it to have such thick Dinger in the ass!

Mega Diarrhea

The blast for fans of diarrhea! I sit straddling the bathtub, then I piss first a time, but then it is also going on, just as it squirts out of my asshole, the brown soup seeking his way. Every so often supplies, and also farting Furtzen is announced, the freckles spread across the tub 🙂 And the brown sauce is running slow down the rim at the end … I’ll show you the brown masses 🙂