Girls Playing In Shit

296. Poo Pee Smocking

Hallo my dear! May be you think I’m doing something else but YOU ARE WRONG. I’m so busy with my slaves for 24/7 by me in Sardinia and I had NO TIME for you on YEZZ. I just been for a week in Milaan and the day after I come back i make a very BIG TURD. So sorry the clip is in italian, because (you can not see him) i was with an italian slave who do not like people can see him. And because I’m very politically correct you can not see him. YOU can see JUST my big turd. MP4

Pissing On Her Tits

Pissing on her tits

Change In Diet

With Miss Jane I set off a new slave for toilet service. Never before he was allowed to drink pee or eat shit. My first morning urine, I fill in a cup, also Miss Jane pisses in this cup so a nice Mixdrink from pee of us for the slave is ready. Before the slave is allowed to drink, Miss Jane shits on his skull and tells him to eat it all. Under some choking, he manages to swallow all the shit and piss.