Girls Poo Spycam

Addicted To My Shit

Regular follower of my fetish videos today eat my shit once again to be my toilet! He loves when I shit in his mouth. Everyone who buys my video and come to my session will automatically become a full toilet for me! I manipulate your brain, and you might even become addicted to it. My toilet slave sucks my shoes and heels licked with special predilection. Once I have to shit in his mouth, he thinks he’s the toilet and to eat my shit )) But that’s not all. I’ll sit on his face, until he be satisfied with my shit.

Princess Mia And Erin Toilet Slavery

In the morning the girls wanted to go to the toilet. The slave already waits in his place, tethered and ready. At first he gets a portion of poo-poo from the first princess Erin, then she goes to sleep. And instead of her, the other princess Mia wakes up and enjoys her slave toilet, which takes everything upon himself. He suffers and mumbles while his face is being filled with shit.

Dirt From My Toilet??

You didn’t clean my toilet properly dirtbag – so you’ll just lick the dirt from my sexy feet – woe you’ll be disgusted! Come on, open your fucking mouth and suck it from my shoes first and next from the most awesome feet in the world – the feet of your princess!(Original Princess-Jenny Video ‘Rank 3’ only for my personal cash machines)