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Broken Toilet 29 – Dinner For Breakfast

Many people ask me “What do eat to produce such big & nasty shits Goddess Tempest?” Instead of telling you which is boring, why don’t I just show you?In this episode of Broken Toilet I decided to show you something more personal. I filmed my slave preparing my very delicious chicken dinner with his own secret sauce. The very same dinner he is getting as breakfast the next morning directly from my asshole :-)See under the toilet chair as he swallows more than half of my thick & stinking shit as it slides out of my asshole. See how the rest of my massive creamy shit fills his mouth & piles on his face. Just as I finished shitting my orgasm hit and if you’re quick you’ll see my milky white fluid squirting out of my vagina as this silent orgasm happened without masturbating or touching myself. One continuous scene with no cuts. As I get up my vagina is nearly three times it’s original size from when I sat down. That’s arousal for you!As I get up I film him up close and order him to chew the rest of my massive shit he hasn’t swallowed yet. Without thinking I blurted out: “Shit…this is so arousing” So putting my own needs first (like I should) I order him to just lay there like that for me. This is because I could smell the horrible taste of my shit and I wanted him to keep tasting it as long as I desire *Evil Grin*“Broken Toilet 29 – Dinner For Breakfast” is a must have for your broken toilet collection 😉

Taste Pissed Jeans

Sexy peeing in jeans and teasing,taste my pissed jeans!

Melissa?s Home And Public Werk!!

Melissa is back with Four New Clips!! Nothing more exciting than watching this chocolate jewel slide out of her tight pants and plop that big juicy ass on the bowl!! Enjoy as she lets of her usually impressive logs for the fire burning in your pants!! Melissa has very few rivals ? and the ones she has are on this site anyways!! Enjoy as she does her usual routine, while giving your the privelige of watching!!