Girls Poop In Panites

Topless Mistress Mummificate Her Personal Toilet Slave

In this video, the Goddess decides to go topless and reveal her beautiful round breasts. Today she feels to mummify her slave, but she lets his cock & balls out only for her entertainment. She puts the chastity device and plays with her slave.She enjoys the overall situation : slave has no control over the situation and must accept everything he is given ! While he lays on the ground, the mistress is suffocating him while facesitting. After she considers enough with the breath play, the mistress goes away, telling the slave to wait because she has a surprise. She comes back with a glass of her champagne, which is then poured over the cock, balls and face of the slave. But she has more to give ! Directly from the source. She takes off her pants and orders the slave to lick her, while he get his mouth full of her piss that overflows ! Then she is facesitting the slave backwards, telling him to lick her ass and maybe she will use him as her full toilet slave (in the future time).

I Feasted On Schoolgirl Scat! – Part 1

So I submit to these bitches and allow them to strip me and kick me down the floor. They hike their skirt up and sit on the table, their cute butts positioned directly above my face. They take turns shitting on my face then they make me feed morself of scat using chopsticks.

Aria’s Splish Splashes And Logbirth!!

Aria was really droppin kidz in the pool in this one!! Three great water splashing out the toilet clips!! Enjoy as she grunts, plops and strains as only she can while pushing out a few ?nuggets of wisdom? if you catch my drift!! Enjoy watching that sexy ass in the air and on the toilet! In the final Clip she cranked out another one of those great Footlong monster Kidz she is famous for! The noises she made while pushing out will drive you crazy!!

Shit Eating In A Hotel

I pissed on my slave in a Hotelroom on the carpet, with the intention of leaving piss smell behind..As a surprise, i decided to shit in his mouth.. He didnt expect it at all. But he had to eat it anyway! 🙂