Girls Poop In The Bathtub

Mistress Gaia – The Hottest Video Ever Seen

In this video, I will make you understand all the wonderful qualities of my magnificent shit. You will understand how extraordinary it may be, so soft, so fragrant, so exquisitely tasty … so the next time you taste it, you’ll be even more aware of just how lucky you are!!!.

Absolute Humiliation..

You are not good for anything.. There is nothing you can do right..I couldn’t use you for anything important.. So i will shit in your mouth, and insult you.. It is so humiliating, i know.. But this is the only thing you are good for.. To eat my waste.. So i shit a big piece in his mouth and he has to eat it..

Drenched In Piss And Ass Fisting With Fingers

Today Mistress want to try a new thing, to be fisted meanwhile she shitting in my mouth, So after she drenched me in piss and make me gag a little, swallowing almost all she got, she begun to fill my mouth with her shit and then she order me to finger her ass and get out more shit to eat. A nice close up action with kinky Godess.