Girls Poop In Their Jeans Public

Most Epic Scat Video Ever. Part 5

A lot of shit happened that day.At the moment we think that it is one of the best our videos, if not the best one.Hah, you want to see golden rain mixed with vomit mixed with enema and tons of shit? You will see one, you want to see mad threesome, almostfoursome – it is definitely your lucky call.So what exactly happened? Everything started like simple regular day, we met.. one man and three girls for cup of coffee, and while we have being spokenin the cafe everybody realized that we all are full of shit.. we Came home and started shitty mayhem. Total shitty messWe shitted on each other endless times, we vomited, we fucked.. Even our novice curly friend become horny and took a little part in our activities..We have shitted 5 times on each other before using two big bags, and when we were completely covered we shited three more times withpauses for masturbation, fucking and having fun.In the end we have finished with mass enema action.This video is more than 3 hours long. And it is literary filled with shitty action, without boring parts. Precious pearl in ourscat video collection. We have watched tons of scat movies, but we have never seeing something like we did on this video even close..You will see it all, vomit, enemas, solo parts, lesbian parts, threesome parts, couple parts, farting, spanking, domination……. barking:))))Intoroducing: Caroline, MargoreTH, and new cute curly blond Veronica..By the way – about Veronica.. Do you see this innocent little angel.. She has pretty perverse mind, however she has a lot of shyness and fear,However she said that she will be fully involved in our future epic scat movies if she will see that this video is popular, so she needs yoursupport. Vote with your purchases, with your reviews and with your attention. If this video (one of 5 parts and complete version together in total)will be sold at least more than 200 times – she will completely take part in future scat parties, so do not stay aside and show us that you wantnew faces in our scat studio.Peace and LoveAstraCelestial team.

Lets Invite Your Mother-in-low On Smelly Dinner

Listing Description Seller infoJessy called me and invited me to drink coffee with her.She didn’t sound good on the phone.I knock on the door.She opens but she is not smiling’Whats wrng honey?’ ‘Come in,come in ,I will tell you’ She brings me coffee and we start our conversation.?Do you know what gift I received from my mother-in-low???A bowl!With winter ornaments as now is SPRING!!IT’S SPRINGG for god sake!And it’s plastic.She told me that I’m fat,I can’t cook. can you imagine Danni,I can’t cook!I’m ugly and fat and I’m not suitable for her son!’Jessy is yelling,she seems so mad.’Danni do you know what Im gonna do?Come in the bathroom with me!!!’LOL..Jessy is in the bathroom,taking the shower hose and oh my gosh ‘You gonna give yourself an enema???’ Crazy idea comes in my mind ‘DO IT!THEN AFTER YOU IM GONNA POOP IN THE SAME BOWL LIKE YOU AND YOU GONNA CALL YOUR MOTHER-IN-LOW ON A DINNER!!!’ Jessy is amazed!LET’S have some fun in the way only we CAN HAVE IT!!!.She is masturbating,she feels the water inside her stomach.She cant hold it any longer,’the brown water comes with her poop.SO yummy’She continues pushing the water out.Ouchh,we have it on the floor…Come on Jessy,I wanna poop too..come on! I can’t wait her finish her job.I wanna push that poop in honour to her mother-in-low….The bowl is filled,she takes her phone and calls: Hey,as you said yesterday that I can’t cook,today I did my BEST and wanna invite you on a dinner!It is more delicious than yesterday!Ok see ya soon,can’t wait,mwah mwah?

Princess Nikki Piss Breckfest

After Princess Nikki is ready with her breckfest she prepares a breckfest for her slaves. She puts all the garbage she left together in a bowl, pisses inside and orders her slaves to eat and drink all this disgusting stuff!