Girls Poop In There Pantys For Fun

Amina And Kristina Bombed My Mouth! Close-up.

Amina and Kristina bombed my mouth! Close-up. I have to entertain my Mistresses in different ways. The fantasies of girls are very diverse. Usually, I play the role of a doggie for them. But this time they called me Batman, because my mask looks like the mask of a famous movie hero. The girls decided to play the game The humiliation of Batman, which turned out to be quite cruel. Mrs Christina, Amina and Karina took turns beating me with a belt, slapping me on cheeks and kicking in the balls. Mistress Amina stuck her sanitary pad on my forehead. I was kneeling and sniffing the girls’ asses. The last stage of humiliation was the performance of the toilet for girls. Batman had to eat huge piles of shit from Mrs Amina and Christina, and eat Karina’s vaginal discharge.

Toilet Time 40 – 41

Diarrhea splash out of the toilet bowl! How many women can say when they have a shit explosion that the diarrhea splash up against their inner thigh and toilet seat? Well I certainly can! Check picture 4 and 5 to see the proof for yourself. Including some nice pissing as well as wiping action – From Toilet Time 40Standing ovation shit I suppose? See my from behind as I stand over the toilet to take a shit. Also include a nice crisp close-up of my asshole, JUST FOR YOU! You want to lick it for me don’t you? I must warn you, it’s very smelly! After such a big & nasty bowel movement it seems the toilet paper is having a hard time getting my girl asshole clean. If only your tongue was here to lick my ass clean for me… – From Toilet Time 41

Madame Du Bs Monster Turds

3 more bathroom video adventures from the ass queen Madame Du B. In this series she unleashes her biggest dump to date. Her logs were so thick and plentiful. Be sure to see, tribute and follow the bootyful on Twitter; @Ms_Du_B you will not be disappointed

Cornflakes For Breakfast With Piss

This morning I have again made ​​a delicious breakfast of cornflakes and fresh piss. You get the taste delicious, too bad that you are not for breakfast was there.