Girls Poop On Their Pants

Coworker Order You To Drink Her Piss

You’ve been caught stealing at work! I knew someone was stealing my drinks out of the company fridge so I came to work early to catch you! I think that if you are so thirsty that you steal, I’ll give you an appropriate thing for a thief to drink. Since I had to come here early, I have a bladder full of morning piss and so I take you into the bathroom and fill up a glass mason jar with my dark yellow pee. I make you drink it and if you don’t I will tell our boss and you’ll get fired!

My Monday Diarrhea

Really hard experience especially in monday.Watch and listen-my struggle was real

Scatqueens Lady Lisa And The Old Scat Eater P1

The old shit eater can look forward. Lady Lisa sits down on his face, spits into his mouth and then shits in his toilet mouth. Mistress Michelle then comes into the room, peeing and also shits into his mouth. But it is not allowed for him to chew and swallow. He has to wait until Lady Lisa once again crapped it into his mouth. This time more and very very soft. Mistress Michelles shit is pretty tight. A great shit mix. Then both Ladies spit on the shit and the toilet slave may begin to eat the shit.


A desperate shit for the holidays.Note: I have reduced the prices. It’s after Christmas and just like my friend Veronica I too am in the giving spirit. Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year. 😉