Girls Pooped In Their Pants

Pissing On A Birthday Cake

Dressed only in black stockings and high heels, extinguishing the burning candles on the birthday cake with my strong pee stream! Soaking the chocolate cake in pee and showing my hot body from toe to head!

255 Kv Pasta Close Up

And now, because i know someone of you like to see JUST my big TURD when i do it, may be you do not understand italian and you do not enjoy to see the long version of this 255, but you would like to see BEAUTIFULL CLOSE UP OF MY ASS…. when i’m shitting…. and to see my slave trying to eat….so here we are! MP4

Barbara And Diana Piss Soup

Miss Barbara and Miss Diana prepare a yummy piss soup for slave Tommy.

2 On 1

Slave have to endure almost a 3 foot long turd!