Girls Pooping And Farting On Toilet

Your Smelly Girlfriend

Can I come in? I know you need to shave your face but I need to pee.I need to pee desperately…ugh what a relief.I start to covice You,but suddenly I fart and start to sh+t. You would hear nice plop plop plop sounds.I hope You dont mind smell I produce when we are in the toilet. (no sh+t was shown, its only clip with toilet sounds)

Bedroom Fart And Shit

laying down its getting late nasty boyim getting turned on so i get my vibrator and play with my pussy i tell u to come eat my ass and lick it to make it wetthen i start to gap my ass and FART in ur faceI FART LOUD and u love it i start to shit fat turdsand you eat it all up till theres nothing leftgood job nasty boy now i can go cum and go to bed ;D


Hot running sexy 10 turds of shit in hot tights!

Vegas Toilet Tour

I spent a week in Las Vegas in several different hotels. I decided I would give you a tour of at least one room … the bathroom! I invite you in to listen and watch while I take several shits in each hotel. Some good nasty farts and some loud wet plops and of course you get to see my shitty wipes when I clean up.