Girls Pooping In Nickers

Professor Makes Good Use Of Three Mind-controlled Schoolgirls! – Full Movie

Upon entering the classroom, a professor finds three schoolgirls chatting with each other. He thinks to himself that it is a good time to test out his newly formulated mind controlling potion! He served a cup to each of them under the disguise that it is tea! As soon as they finished their drink, they immediately fell under the command of the guy! Without further ado, he has them stand and line up! He then lifts up their skirts and pleasures himself with their pussies! He doesnÂ’t spend much time on it though, instead, proceeds to take off their panties and place it over their heads! He would later take one and place it over his face and then slobber all over the helpless victims! By the time he gets bored of it, he grabs a plastic cup and then has all of them piss inside it! Again and again, he drinks out of it until there is nothing left! By then, he moves on to his next activity! He has the sweethearts bend over, allowing him to get unobstructed easy access to their asshole which he immediately licks and eats! Apparently, that is still the warmup, he would later follow it with anally penetrating them with different objects! For the finale, he has them get down on their knees and then suck his dick until he cums inside their mouths!

Mistress Roberta -double Breakfast With Shit Play With Miss Roberta And Victoria

Today my pot will have a double breakfast and will get it first from Mistress Victoria and after from me being all spread with shit and eating 2 shits from 2 mistresses, enjoy the breakfast feeding !

Goddess Anita – Hard Fucking Then Shitting

Today Goddess Anita have time to play hard and she call one of her toilets to use him hard. She humiliate him, use his ass and mouth for her dirty pleasures and also pisss into his throat and oblige him to drink all. She strapon fuck him with her huge Strapon and also she shit directly into his open wide mouth. Slave was allowed to cumm at the end as a reward that he pleasure his Goddess.

Five Pees In My Bathtub With The Last Pee In A Glass

I always have a big urge to pee in the morning. Sometimes it’s difficult to hold my pee before I get to the bathroom I started pissing in my bathtub cause I can piss in many positions. Morning pee is my favorte because the flow of pee is strong and steady and it feels so good to empty my full bladder.Third piss is with my hand on my crotch. The pee splashes everywhere and is running down my legs. I’m surprised I like the sensation of the hot liquid on my legs. When I’m done peeing I spread the pee on my legs even more.For the last pee I grab a water glass. I thought the size would be enough but I can’t stop peeing and it overflows the glass. Then I pour the pee in the tub and you can ear it going down the drain.