Girls Pooping On A Boy

Pooping Showing Soles And Straining Asshole

I am lying on the floor on my side, displaying my soles. I start peeing and my golden liquid covers the floor. My asshole opens up as I piss and you can see my poop. I strart pushing hard and my shit slowly come out at first. And then more and more pieces are coming out from my ass. You enjoy watching me shit and looking at my soles at the same time!I move closer to the camera and show you my dirty asshole. I stick a finger in my ass and take another piece of shit out. I strain my asshole some more. I turn around, spread my ass cheeks and strain my purple asshole cause I know you want to see it some more. Finally I show you a close up of my poop.

Mistress Anna – Direct In His Mouth

Custom request! (shit directly in your slave mouth. The shit must enter directly in his throw. His lips must be sealed on your ass hole )This is his breakfast! He is nothing more than a toilet! I shit directly in his mouth after I piss a little bit. He took my shit and swallowed it immediately and cleaned my asshole. Only small shit traces are left on my ass chicks.

Very Smelly & Liquid Diarrhea After Pea In Mouth Toilet Slave

Very smelly & liquid diarrhea after pea in mouth toilet slave. Alina continues to vilify after peas and laxatives. Another very smelly video about how Alina feeds her slave with smelly diarrhea. This is a truly stinking liquid from the beautiful ass of Alina. Before the shipment is unloaded, Alina takes out the panty liner and inserts it under the mask, so that the slave, when taking diarrhea, could smell the sweet smell of a pussy and easily swallowed this diabolical diarrhea!

Pooping At Ihop!

I’m eating breakfast at IHop and I have to take a big poo that I’ve been holding in since the morning. I tried to hold it but I couldn’t so I went to the restroom and took a nasty poo while I’m nervously hoping no one comes in and hears me taking a poo or smell how bad it is!