Girls Pooping Spying

Mistress Gaia – Scat Caviar In A Diaper

CUSTOM REQUEST – A male slave lies strictly restrained on the floor. You urinate and defecate onto a diaper on the floor. You start to feed the caviar to the slave with the spoon very relentlessly and ruthlessly. Near the end you step with you boot into the remaining caviar and make the slave eat it from the soles. Additionally you spit in slap into his face. Lastly you order the slave to lay his face into the remaining caviar and you tightly fasten the diaper around his head and you untie him and parade him around on a leash like a dog. Pls. be strict & cruel the whole time.

Mistress Roberta -strong Shit ,pee And Enema For Pot-full

This morning i take my ecological leather pants on and i try to feed my slave from them but the plans are not comming out as i plan so watch this video to see how i use my pot today .I start to poop small piece by small piece in his mouth a strong shit and after i do an enema to clean good my ass inside and give my pot as much shit he can eat so he haves on the floor pee, shit and enema all mixed for a great breakfast .

The Girl In Black Stockings Pisses On Feet In Red Stockings Girlfriend.

The girl in black stockings pisses on feet in red stockings girlfriend.

Thick Girl Pissing On Pants.

Fat girl on the street takes off his pants, put them on the ground and pissing.