Girls Puking Vomitting

Lady Yuna-monsterload In Your Mouth

You are lying on the floor and I am sitting with my toilet chair directly above your mouth. I shit a monster load directly into your mouth. You have to swallow it, but it is too much for you. But you are enjoying the delicious smell of my shit and your horniness is increasing till you cum.

Peeing On His Cock

Peeing on his cock (JJ000560)

Endless Licking And Pissing! Part 1

She drink lots of coffee and water and then ejects loads of pee on her slave. She pees on the coffee cup and makes her slave drink it up. Her slave drinks everything, up to the last drop.

From The Bath Tube To Your Mouth

Today Melissa doesn’t use the toilet. Today Melissa wants to shit directly in the bath tube. Then she picks up the shit with a toilet paper, complaining about the fact that you’re not there. If you were there, she would put all her shit in your mouth.