Girls Pushing Poo

Eating Shit Collected For 2 Days

Today I made dinner for the Toilet Shit eater. I have collected shit for 2 days and he will not leave until all not to eat. I like to feed him shit. I want to teach him eat everything what I and my girl friends going to feed him. It’s time to start training eat is a lot of crap!

Alina Eating Chili And Pooping In Mouth Of A Toilet Slave

Alina eating chili and pooping in mouth of a toilet slave. Chili pepper very much burns Alina’s mouth, but Alina loves this pepper very much – she says – it’s very tasty though sharp. He gives her a shit very special taste. Alina hardly eats chili and prepares a new portion of scalding shit for her personal toilet slave. Alina spits in his mouth and smears against the tongue of shit.


Morning shitting and peeing for you stinky shit !

College Babe Demi Shits In The Toilet Bowl

College babe Demi shits in the toilet bowl