Girls Rubbing Shit On Each Other

Mistress Gaia – My Ass Needs To Be Cleaned!

This pantyhose is to be thrown away, but it can still be useful: I fill it with crap and order my slave to lick it! Then I take it off, and of course, my ass is filthy. But there is no problem: my slave will be happy and honored to clean it with his tongue. Finally, I pick up the shit that has remained in my pantyhose and I fill the mouth of the slave with it. Then, see what happens …

Unstoppable Shitting

I enjoy your suffering on so many levels. There is the pain from my whip, the suffering from being made to swallow my shit and the pain that comes from contemplating my superior beauty and the knowledge that you could never be with a woman as beautiful and sophisticated as me—except as a toilet. This is the kind of pain that seeing me in my elegant dress and observing my refined walk causes you. For a man, seeing a woman pull up her dress over that beautiful ass would mean he is about to have the greatest pleasure imaginable and engage in the ultimate act confirming his manhood. For you, seeing the skirt slide up over my firm ass checks means only humiliation. It means that it is time for me to shit. It means you are about to undergo the ultimate degrading act, the negation of not only your manhood, but your humanity. It means that YOU ARE A TOILET. I rest my rosebud right against your mouth until I deposit my wastes right in your gullet and slap your dick. After I dismount I find I have still more to give you. The slave moves the camera so perverts masturbating at home can get the best view. Make sure you EAT YOUR CUM FOR ME. I want to enjoy your suffering, too!

Piss/fart/shit In Ur Face

begin by saying hi to all my international and usa nastyboys its almost a new year and a whole new year to drain you ;Di lay back and open my pussy and pee high in the air all over your pathetic face and inside that mouth of urs. Its a golden stream hahaThen i being to shit ..i shit turds that pop out as u get a up close view of my beautiful asshole that gaps open for ur pleasure, i move the cam to see my tits and ass in ur face and i shot more this time loads of turds come out like a meat grinder …Fuck im horny writing this i know ur horny just thinking of how good this movie turns out ;D come and see nasty boy

Mistress Roberta – Big Breakfast For My Personal Slave

My personal slave was very impatient to eat this morning so i remove my panties and sit on my toilet sit over his face peeing and shit a very big load of shit in his mouth that filled all his face so being overwhelmed by the quantity he looses alot of it but i give him some more and some more, after finishing i get the paper to whipe my ass and after gather all the shit of his face in the mouth.