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Who Would Like To Swallow Hearty Piss, Vomit And Snot?

If no one wants to, they’ll have to. I love putting my slaves in desperate situations. Just like in this video where he has the standing order to keep the table clean with his tongue and drink the bowl in which we all three of us piss out. The slave licks as fast as he can and drinks the cup empty from time to time. Domi increases the severity level, she chops on the middle of the table, at the latest now the slave has a big problem because the order applies even if vomit lands on the table.

Self-enema And Defecating In Stockings! – Part 2

Part 2 – The sweetheart continues defecating, but it doesn’t take long before she could no longer release anymore! What she does next is take off her stockings, put all the trapped feces on the ground, and then mix it with her piss! As a result, she creates a thick semi-liquid mixture which she plays with to her heart’s content! By then, she sits on the couch again and then masturbates her pussy using a vibrator, only stopping after she cums and squirts!

Morning Feeding My Loser Of The Toilet Bowl-urinal

I woke up from the unbearable desire to take a shit. Quickly ordered my Toilet Shit eater to lie down and prepare to eat my shit. Big lot of shit he had to eat, be in my ass. He choked, and I shoved my shit down his throat over and over again so you have to eat everything!


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