Girls Shit In Each Others Mouths

Eat All Our Shit, Vomit And Snot. Part2

My slave is a complete moron! Today, my toilet slave girl, shitting in his mouth and he eat her shit. But her shit is double-digested mine, which I fed her yesterday. And I again took a shit to the slave in a mouth, but she cheated and spat everything to this insignificance in a mouth. And correctly, eat all shit-eater, from now on you are a toilet bowl for me and my slave girl Slave girl feeding him shit, and I decided fisting his dirty ass. He’s still a virgin in there and for the first time, he’s got a full fist up his ass. How many were moaning, yelling and screeching. Then I decided to torture him a little and put my fingers down his throat, and he was puking, and I was just feeding the shit back to him. Here is the ideal complete power over the loser. My slaves laid down and I vomited on both. The slave choked on my vomit. Last thing I did was blow my nose in his fucking mouth. Let him know his place and affiliation in full volume

Standing Pee, Poop And Farts

This is a similar clip to “legs together poop” but it also includes pee and farts. I am wearing a sexy short black skirt, green very low-cut top and pink panties. I tell you all about my bottom being full to the brim with a big shit, then I ask you if you want to masturbate while you watch it all come out of me. I turn around, lift my skirt up, pull my panties down and pee a nice, satisfying stream. Then I fart a couple of times before letting out one of the biggest shits i’ve ever caught on camera. Two separate foot-long logs come out followed by several more long ones. Watching the video back I was amazed, thinking “when does it stop coming out?!”. It is one of my biggest shits to date and, of course, I show it off in close-up detail on the floor afterwards, and my shitty inner butt cheeks too.

Solo Scat Girls Amanda

Amanda urinate in different places and in different positions and she intestines empty. In which she push out her thick, hot shit from her rosettes. Pretty faces with shit spots.