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Express Shit Delivery

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I’m Happy Christina’s Home Toilet!

I’m happy Christina’s home toilet! I love this girl, as well as the taste and smell of her shit! I am happy when I go under her ass and see how she takes off her panties. When her sweet shit falls into my mouth and I start to feel her taste and smell – this is an amazing feeling! This is at the same time – crazy pleasure and hellish torment, because I have to swallow everything and I never dare to tell the girl – sorry, I can no longer!Christina drinks Pepsi and reads jokes! She is fun and comfortable, she shits and feels at home, she knows that her personal toilet slave will fulfill her duty by 1000%!

Nasty Diarrhea Hd 1920×1080

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Ayanna’s Messy Diarrhea!!

Ayanna is back with another FUNKY clip!! She made a real mess of herself in this clip! Enjoy as she gets her runny diarrhea all over the toilet seat by mistake. Then unkowingly, she also gets it all over her ass when she sits down and then all over her fingers when she goes to wipe!! A muddy mess indeed! She shows her stinky fingers as well as the mess as she cleans her ass. A runny mess indeed!