Girls Shit On Vuyz

Mistress Roberta – Shit Glazed Socks-pov

Today slave i have a fresh poop in an plastic bowl and i plan to glaze my white soks with the shit in the bowl and make you eat the shit from them so i first put one foot in and start to get dirty on both socks and mesmerise you with my shit glazed socks !

Exbinitionist Caught Shitting In Public

There’s nothing like taking a dump out for the world to see and she doesn’t give a fuck who sees her. The man next door caught her while she’s releasing some turd so she invites him over for coffee and chat. She seduces him by playing with his cock and within minutes he’s already on the floor ready to do her bidding. She makes him lick her anus while she deep throats his cock. After a few minutes, she shits right into his mouth, which she makes him eat to the last morsel.

Shitting-then Im So Very Horny

I lying on the sofa and must shitting… sausage and more brown Pralines!! Ah then im so very horny,my fingers are deep in the rosette……ah yeah,my Pussy is so wet!! Start to massage my clit and put his fingers into my hungry cunt!! I have a crass orgasm,come wixxing and give me your sperm!!

Pooping Beans N Chips!

I haven’t pooped in a couple days so I had to take a poo so bad it just fell right out of my tight hole on to some cheese and chips. I love nachos so why not add some pooping dip to my delicious poop and chips.