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Scat Mistress Is Back – Hard Scat Feeding

Scat Goddess is back again, after she change her mind and make new movies, more kinky and more intense scat feedings ! Today she call her slave at her place and offer him her golden nectar to drink it all. She allow him to stroke his cock until he empty the glass of piss. Then she put him on the floor and almost sit on his mouth with her perfect ass and begin to shitting right on his face. She put a glove and begin the feeding and smearing all shit on her pathetic slut.

Mistress Roberta – Spreading Diarrhea With Farts -pov

Today preparing your food is actually spread your food with the farts comming out in the same time with your delicious, smelly food so you will have to lick clean my ass hole and after that lick clean your food enjoy!

Huge Turds On The Toilet!!!

I am at my friend’s house and have to shit so bad! I grab my phone and decide to shoot a clip on the fly as I sit on the toilet and poop out turd after turd! After taking that big shit I grab a turd that fell on the floor and proceed to play with it a little bit…maybe I put it in my mouth, I don’t know…;)

Hey Slave, Take Your Position Under The Shitter Part 3

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