Girls Shit Themself In Puplic

Eat My Smelly Poo, Toilet!

You like to obey me and fulfill my whims, dirty toilet! Excitedly watching as I shit wherever I please, and you get to obsess over each pile and eat it up as you want? Quite befitting of you, really. It’s all you’re waiting for. Exquisite treat! And you get to guzzle it up every time. As I’m going about my day or going to work – you’re gonna have to hurry up and eat my poop quickly. Otherwise you will smell unpleasant ? You lucky cos you have a Mistress to clean up after shit. You better lick my floor and my pretty asshole clean too, bitch. These thick, falling monster shit are all yours! Rejoice in, stupid pig!

Double Diarrhea

Double diarrhea

No Panties At Work!

I was feeling extra kinky and didn’t wear any panties to work today…I have creamed all over my leggings as I sit on the toilet to take another big shit!!! Come watch me! 😉

The Birthday Present

My slave celebrates his birthday and receives a special surprise fromme. I bring a nice slave pussy for him, who can be used by him. Offcourse I dominate them both whilst their play