Girls Shit When Executed

Only Shit For You Today!

My shit eater is watching me, and I tease him with what is to finally feed him. But the smock seems to be more interested in my pussy, rather than his actual food source!Well I have to change that, and I have him lay down, while I hover my food wagon above his face. Bu enough teasing, I need to shit badly, so his mouth better be open.I shit a nice log straight into his toilet mouth, and watch him as he enjoy my bodily gifts.. While I humiliate him!

Little Eat Shit Your Dea Need Lunch

Toilet slaves, your goddess comes with high heels and a nice plate, you want to prepare ahead pranzetto …. open your mouth that soon there ready …. I pee and scat so abundant in the pot .. uhm .. ready for you have real hunger? all while you humiliate properly .. eat shit

Piss And Spit Coctail

Lisa and Roxy cant stop feeding the new slave with Princesses piss, this time mixed with spit as a coctail.