Girls Shitimg Videos

Crazy Chick 4

The Brazilian Crazy Chick squats over her couch and takes a big shit onto a plate. She then wipes her dirty asshole and shows a close-up view of her shit.

Josephina’s Funky Return!!

I swear 2017 is going down as the “Don’t call it a comeback!” Year, Ladies that magically dissapeared for a a year or more have suddenly resurfaced. Add Josephina to the list!! Josephina is a marvelous SBBW Latina that is a friend of Big Butt Cori and Zelda. She made a few really FUNKY clips for me last year before just fading into Bolivia like Mike Tyson!! Lol, she developed a cult following around her gassy loads. She was just starting to really get busy with some hot EFRO clips before she just faded away…Well here we are a year later and she hit me up the day after Thanksgiving ready to return from the wilderness! She’s getting back in the mix and she returns with three gassy clips. Enjoy her great grunts, strains and booty noise in these three new clips!!

Pov- Piss And Crass Shitting

Very good POV Position,you can see when Candy piss over the cam,hehe!! Then i must big and thick pralines shitting… rosette very opening and you can so near see when the big shit comes!! Come and open your mouth and eat my pralines!! Lick the piss out of the floor….

Can’t Hold It In

I can’t hold in this shit anymore, i’m eager to go! look at the shit that comes out of me!