Girls Shiting In Mouth

I’m Your Toilet, Ladies!

They all come in with bellies heavy with the stuff I treasure. Some of them take minutes, because they have hard turds that I love to slosh around before I drain them. Others have really soft mashes that spread with a bit of water and smell wonderful. Today, one lady gave me a handful of moderate, brown shit that smelled of sweets and cola. A second lady friend pulled down her panties and was naughty enough to shit on my floor. The poop oozed around, before settling into ribbons. It was warm and tasty, like her pussy. The last one was a classy lady with shit that smelled faintly, and I would have loved to suckle on her asshole as she cut the chunks up as they went down.

Lollipop Shitgirls

Putting a Lollipop in the dirty full of shit asshole and after that eating it… that what 2 sweet blondes love to play….

Matilda’s Happy Day – Part 4

Hi Everyone, it is Matilda, Well, some time passed and I felt desire for dirty games again, it was happy day, I came to my girlfriend and when we saw each other we understood that today is the day? The day of scat games and filming?, After my scat video session we had passionate scat sex which she is too shy to show now, but maybe one day she will be brave enough. At least we have filmed it for future generations.This time I felt more relaxed and horny than last time during my first session, and I hope you will like everything you see.We are novices in scat and filming and hope to make our stuff better and better with every new session. Your support is very important for us.Actually yes. What you see is part 4 of this scat session? Like the star wars, you know. There are also 1, 2, 3 parts filmed, but we will upload it later.