Girls Shiting On Guys Mouth

The Mother & The Daughter! – Part 1

Part 1 – Her abusive husband has taken interest in her one and only daughter. She knows that something is going on when she is not around and she is right as she caught him in the act with her daughter naked and kneeling before him. To avoid argument and more abuse, she joins them. He makes her swallow her daughter’s piss in her mouth. While he takes the pleasure in seeing this he smirks to himself, he is getting hard he takes his cock out and take a piss right in her daughter’s mouth. It is truly turning him on. She made her ride her daughters back like a crab with their ass holes exposed to him and told them to take a dump! While she can as she is use to this from her husband. Her daughter cannot as it is her first time.

Two Mistresses Use Slave Outdoor And Public!

My dominatrix girlfriend Steffi and I have one of our slave, Outdoor and Public, used dirty in front of spectators on a forest trail! The slave was very embarrassing watching the people here as we used him as our Living toilet! We both pissed him successively in his dirty mouth and he had to swallow our entire piss. That was quite a lot and because he had obediently swallowed everything he was allowed as a reward, Steffi`s cunt lick clean!

Shitting In A Wineglass

In fetish costume so sexy i shitting in a big wineglass!! A very long sausage,so near you can see in best quality……come eat my brown dessert Slave!! a delicacy of a special kind!!

Pb & Poop Sandwich!

OK guys, I decided to make a tasty treat which I’m sure you would love! Watch as I take a huge dump on a plate and proceed to make a delicious Peanut Butter & Poop sandwich…won’t you love to sink your teeth into that!