Girls Shittin Compilation

Horny Milf Peeing

What’s hotter than you again to show my horny piss cunt. Completely naked, I sit down for you on the edge of the toilet and let it run. Watch as my beam runs hard and tight out of me. Would you like to taste my hot juice? Then just write me a note, then we’ll see if you can be one of my juice tasters soon! I am looking forward to your application!

Big And Hard Shit-ahh Come Out

I liying on the floor,you can see only my ass and my legs and foots!! The rosette are so extremely stretch,the hard big and thick shit comes……had to squeeze and moan until the shit slow piece for piece comes!! ahh what a relief!! Show you the big sausage really close!!

Bad Toilet

Our shit -eater is not in his seat as Miss Jane and I urgently need to use the toilet. He hid his feeding bowl, so we could not shit there. Now we are extra run to the toilet and see how he sits on our toilet bowl. Something doesn’t. I’m going to chain him in the future or need to replace! This time he is still used, from both of us. At first his mouth must take up my shit then poops and pees Miss Jane still on top. Too much for the loser. He eats and pukes, eats again and pukes again. A very poor toilet-slave.