Girls Shitting In Ggirls Mouths

Mistress Roberta -covering My Pot In Shit Part2

I sit confortable on the bed rising my legs up to shit a big load of soft shit on all the head and neck to make him ful of shit and when i see that the shit fell down i took it and spread it on his body and order him to suck my heels while he eats, enjoy.

Shitting My White Panties!!!

I have had a lot of requests for a big load in fullback panties so here you go pervs!!! I take a nice warm shit in my granny panties and parade in them for you guys after giving you a really up close look…messy panties…very messy!!!

Tub Squat Vol. 2

A little while after my tummy starting to hurt I have to poop and it was almost time to bathe. So I ran my water and squatted on the side of the tub to release a soft big poop. After wiping I got closer to the cam to show off my clean ass and creamy pussy.

Dirty Poo Show

Beautiful Video of me Pooing in my toilet and talking dirty to you 🙂 … watch me fill the toilet and let you see my hard cake in the bowl ;). Watch me wink my Asshole in your face, wanting you to lick me clean…..enjoy 🙂