Girls Shitting In Men Mouth

Piss And Shit In Steel Appliance

Piss and Shit in steel appliance

New Messalina In Jeans Shorts 6

Messalina uses the slave as a full toilet. Toilet slave eat my shit! He swallows everything that comes out of my asshole!

Tima Extreme

Tima has a sex date with Chris in Cologne. They have a good afternoon in the hotel room. But it’s not enough for Tima. She wants scat sex. So she decided to with her own scat in the bathroom. See her shitting, smearing and shit eating…

Slave Pig Eats Shit And Drinks Piss

Miss Cherie has to poop, she sits comfortably on the toilet chair and shits in a bowl, which the slave holds under her butt. After she has relieved herself, she commands the slave to eat everything that is in the bowl.Disgusted eats the slave pig slowly a pair of bite to it Miss Cherie takes too long. She stuffs the shit in his mouth and helps him to swallow, then Miss Jane pees in his mouth. Somehow the Sub has all choked down and gets a reward in form of some lashes with the whip. He will swallow next time even faster.