Girls Shitting On Each Otherb

The Best! Mia

1.Princess Miya.My most sweet Lady:)mmmPOV Toilet Slavery2.NEW!Sweet girl.Shitting Scat Piss POV3.The best!Mia and Toilet Slavery Mia Scat Enema Farting Facesitting

Dungeon Queens Are Back!

Mistresses are back in the dungeon with a new slave, ready to train him to be their human toilets. First he needs to learn to swallow all the piss that comes out of his Mistresses pussy without spilling any on the floor otherwise he has to lick it off the floor too! Secondly, he has to chew and swallow the freshly delivered brownie from their asses without gagging!no audio

Large Scat Chunks Of Narrow Hole

I had to help out again in the last piece with your fingers so that the last piece also comes out. But it was worth it !

La Petite Mort On The Cross

The next step at the salvation of suicides is fixation at the saltire. And to get an idea of what pain is, the nipples are sucked in with a syringe, until the senses dwindle caused by pain. Now the spirits revive quickly!