Girls Shitting On Her Head

Plate Of Caviar & Glass Of Champagne

I fill up my plate with shit and a glass with champagne just for you to eat. I even have a good sniff and a lick myself just to make sure it’s all good. How bad do you want to eat it and then clean me up?

Ashley Dobbs ‘damn I Clogged The Toilet!!’

Ashley Dobbs is back with her 3rd clip for me. Once Again this veteran star put on a show!! Enjoy as she gives a great Front row seat to watch her spread her big ass and show off for you on the toilet!! Enjoy as she shows off her sexy outfit and big juicy tits and ass before sitting down to handle business!! Plenty of Grunts, Plops, and Strains! Not to mention her sexy talking – pun intended!! Even when she thinks it’s over – even more Lawgs shot out!! So much so that she clogged up the bowl!! Yet another Splacktackular clip from Ms Dobbs!!

Pee And Scat Feeding

Lady Princess is sitting with me in the kitchen, we talk and eat a bit. We did not want to walk the way to the toilet, so we took a bowl and then used our scat and pee in it for feeding our slave. Very useful! *smile*

Ultimate Ebony Scat / Shit Clip Collection(wmv)

(EbonyscatPrincess’ top seller) (Dont miss out. Available in MPG,AVI, and WMV soon to be in MOV and ipod~~This set of clips has 17 minutes of my best clips even some that are not listed in my store.. but has some from my yezz store as well… Ths is also available on CD rom This set includes: attic poo -secret poo- close up poo- wide open- scat burger- white panty poo- sloppy poo 13 second -poo off a scale- poo in a tub- feast for a king -poo on a plate- doggystyle on paper This clip is as requested by timscatboy…Enjoy