Girls Shitting On Vagina

Close Contact! Yana. Part 1!

Close contact! Yana. Part 1! Girls can realize a variety of fantasies with the toilet slave. Slave can be used, for example, in the role of furniture. The girl can lie on him like on a bed and enjoy the way he sniffs, kisses and licks her ass. The slave relaxes the anus of Mistress, who can relish fart into his mouth or give him to try a little piece of crap. And then, the toilet slave is used for his intended purpose. Mistress fills his mouth with her sweet shit, and then sits on it, pressing it into the slave’s mouth. The slave swallows very quickly so as not to suffocate. And this is a close contact.


Soft and airy farts followed by a nice poop! Note: Audio is briefly muted at points of cameraman verbal interjections.

I Spiked Their Drink With Laxative! – Full Movie

He invites the unsuspecting girls over to his house for a few drinks. What they didn’t know is that he spiked the drinks with laxative so they will shit all over the house. A few minutes after sipping the drinks, the girls start to retch and scatter scat all over the floor! The delighted bastard scoops the scat from the floor and crams it into his wretched mouth!

Interview With Thalia

Nicole interviews one of her princess, while she sits on his Fave and pooped in his Mouth in High Definiton and english Subtitles