Girls Shitting Pooing

Open Mouth 4 Shit

I am sitting on your face! Open your mouth and taste my hufe and delicious shit my slave!

Toilet Slave Meal! Full Movie

When I got up in the morning, my toilet slave lay on the floor and had to sleep on. Kind as I am, I have rudely awakened him and asked him whether he was already hungry. He then had to take a bowl and keep them under my pussy and my asshole. Have in the bowl, a large load of piss, and a huge portion of shit, piss and shitting. But before I fed him with my delicacies he had to lick my asshole clean. After that, I fed him his slave breakfast and, even spat in the bowl. Since the slave eternally chewed and long needed, until he had the first half of my shit and piss swallowed meal, I ordered him to lay down on the floor and I poured him all the manure in his mouth. So he had to swallow, so as not to suffocate. The big shit pieces which thereafter still stuck him out of his mouth, I pushed with a spoon in his mouth until he had this completely swallowed! Then I let him do so sullied and he was powerless close!

I Made My Teacher Eat My Shit! – Part 2

He opened his mouth and begged me to give it to him. Who am I to refuse, right? I made him eat all of it, every single piece of smelly shit!

Shower Dumping!

I’m taking a shower before I head to class and realize I need to poop! Not to worry, I take a dump right there in the shower as water drips all over me 😉 I then proceed to play with my shit, smearing it with my feet as water washes away the poo…so kinky!!!