Girls Shitting Their Paintyes

The Best!+(piss Bonus)

Princesses Miranda and Erin.13….Big pile of shit from Miranda!Miranda has been eating a lot for a few days and she also has been saving up her chocolate shit for her slave. Now she wants to take a crap. Her slave will have to eat so much shit! She is going to feed him with her chocolate nectar. For five minutes Miranda is making shit and filling the slave’s mouth with chocolate shit. She is pushing and trying to give out all the shit that she has been saving for a few days. If you want to eat chocolate poop of Miranda, and you want Jeanne to fill your mouth with shit to make you eat it all, then this is your video!27 Miranda and Erin! Smearing Spitting scat!Gina has filled the slave’s mouth with shit. He eats the chocolate shit of his Mistress with pleasure, even the toilet paper that she used. The slave has been waiting for a treat from his Mistress the whole day. Erin helps with her sneakers, stuffing chocolate shit in the slave’s mouth using her legs. Today the slave has had a huge dinner!

Smearning Hot

She opens her legs on the floor and does a lot scat, well see my little hole in the ass open while out out so much shit! Next I know that you like, then I pick up the psalm on the ass, and I will show good dirt ….

Scat Package P1

The slave must lick clean the soles of Lady Missy. Then She looks a video together with their slave, as Mistress Michelle poops in a package. The slave must kneel. The package with the shit is on the table. He has to crawl to the kitchen where Lady Missy opens the package and mix the shit even with some ingredients which she finds in her garden house and spits on top of the slave meal.

College Girl Libbys Big Dump 1080p

College girl Libby drops by to take a nice big steaming dump out of her cute ass in the face of the toilet. As an added bonus we put the shitting action in slow motion so you could hear all the sounds and close up action. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD and Iphone/Ipod formats.