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Mistress Gaia – Wanna Be My Toilet-slave?

ENGLISH SPOKENDo you want to be my slave? Then you must be prepared to do everything for me and, when I say “everything”, I really mean “everything”, with no exception. Yes, you will have to worship my body, lick my sweaty feet, clean the soles of my shoes with your tongue, but you need also to do the most degrading thing: to be my toilet slave. Yes, I will shit in your mouth and you will have to eat my shit, all of it!!!THIS IS A NEW WONDERFUL POV CLIP OF MISTRESS GAIA

Record Martina Queen Waste Every Day

Goddess martina toilet every morning crapping can use camera to record down, every day of your life. Want slaves look in front of camera.

Shit And Pee In Plastic Slip

My wife makes shit and pee in plastic slip… Amazing bizarre fetish!