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The Mini Cock Torture Of The Toilet Slave P1

The Scatqueens treat the slaves like a piece of shit and make fun of his miniature cock. But first, Lady Domi and Lady Kimi trample and lash the toilet slave. He should jerk off his cock what he is embarrassed. With targeted kicks in his balls and his cock, the tail swells by itself a few millimeters. Then he is humiliated, muzzled, whipped and beaten. Then he has the honor to receive the beautiful piss and the delicious shit from the Scatqueen. Lady Domi pisses and shits the toilet slave again directly into his mouth. The pile of shit must first be chewed through.

Lesbian Group Piss

See this girls pissing, slurping, kissing, licking and all with piss fresh from the girls.

Old Janitor Served With Scat From Schoolgirl

An old janitor is fortunate enough to be punished by a beautiful yet cruel and brutal mistress schoolgirl. She serves him with a large brown sausage directly into his mouth. Nectar! Just like bees with honey!

Your Breakfast Poop Directly On The Plate

shit. Watch as I spread my legs and then poop on the paper plate. Slowly, the dark brown sausage comes crawling out of my ass and plops on the plate .. and again and again another piece. Then I keep that thought the plate under his nose .. do you want the sausages?