Girls Smearing Shit On Each Other

Billie’s Expunging Expensive Meals!!

Enjoy as Billie is back with another two great ploptastic clips!! In the first scene she is rushing to the toilet after a night out to dinner. She said she drank 10 cups of water with her meal so enjoy as she takes a super duper long pee to begin! Then enjoy her grunts and strains as she struggles to expunge her yum yum dim sum! She turns around and drops some stringy logs revers kanga style. Then enjoy as she goes in the bowl to move the tp out the way to show the end result. In the Second clip, enjoy a great EPIC morning dump as she expunges some Texas Barbeque she had the night before. Unlike the first clip she has no problem getting these monster logs out after some nice poots. I lost count of all the lawgs that fell out her ass!! Another Great Late night and early morning dumping sessions from this BBW starlet!!

Milf Ellie – In Yoga Pants

Milf Ellie takes off her sexy yoga pants and starts fingering her stinky shithole, she feels her almost coming out hard turd. She tries to pee but the pressure of her hard turd is too strong and she pushes out a hot long turd into a tub followed by peeing into the toilet. She fingers her shitty asshole and shows you her shit covered finger before she wipe her finger clean with a toilet paper. At the end of the video she looks foward for the next morning duty.tags: desperate, shitting, pissing, shitty fingering, shithole, teasing, dirtytalk

Outdoor Shitting And Pissing At The Same Time! ..with Squirting ..

Here I shitting and pissing at the same time in a parking lot on a main road! And so a turd left there. That made me so hot that I had my clit waxed afterwards until I squirted off!