Girls Trying To Poop

Japanese Porn Star Fuck And Pee 1-8

There is a famous Japanese porno star fucking hard and nice pee.

Unknown Man Holding Shit In Public Toilet!

Public toilet with a unknown man hand holding the shit instead of it falling on the toilet bowl she doesn?t even realize he is there!!!

Pooping In The Trashcan At Work!

I had to shit again at work and this time I got a brilliant idea! I will shit and piss right into the trashcan used by all employees!!! Yeah, kinky…I know 😉 After doing the doo I didn’t want to leave the evidence in the waste basket so I pick up the poo with my hands and dump it into the toilet and flush…But wait! There’s more!!! I wasn’t quite done pooping so I went back a couple of hours later and sat on the toilet to let out the last turd…2 VIDS IN 1!!!

New Year Champagne – Pissing Pur

Come and stumble me on the New Year with a glass of piss. I’ll start the year right back dirty as I stopped.