Girls Ttaking A Shit Outside

Kira And Lera’s Morning Toilet!

Kira and Lera’s morning toilet. Kira and Lera live together. In this video, they decided to show what they do every morning. They do not immediately get out of the bed. Girls caress and kisseach other and they love to do it. Yesterday they were in the restaurant and atea lot of different delicious food. The shit in their sweet asses was cooked all night and now it wants to go out. Getting out of the bed, the girls decided to go to the toilet. They do not hesitate to each other, and support each other when they poop. Shit stinks strongly and a lot of it. Especially Lera tried hard, and she let out huge chunks of the shit. This would be a great treat for the toilet slave.

Free Toilet For Girls In The Forest

Free toilet for girls in the forest. Any girl walking in the woods can use this living toilet – he will eat everything! Amina and Christina are walking in the woods in the morning and they really want to shit! They were happy when they saw the toilet for the girls, because now they can drop the load and continue the walk.

I Shit A Lot In A Bowl, I Have Diarrhea

I am a beautiful Mistress, 22 years old with a big breast 130 EI have a lot of caviar in a bowlI spread my shit on his face and head , is very dirtyI am very perverse and horny and spit a lot on his faceLots of caviar on his faceI play with his nipplesTHE SLAVE IS A TOILLET BIG