Girls Vomit And Shit On Eachother

Legs In Shit

I’m starting to shit. I’m completely naked. I smear shit on my body. I caress my pussy with shit. my ass is all in shit

Are You Even Worth It?

Let’s see if you know how to show true obedience to a lady like me and if you are qualified for the tasks I have in mind for you!Let’s see if you can eat a little version, there is more where it comes from…I want you to open your mouth and enjoy evey g of my deliscious taste!(Censored Elements ONLY IN TRAILER!)

Pee From Coco And Me

Crazy Coco is visiting me, and we have a new slave we can humiliate together. So to stat the show I pull him towards my pussy and have him drink the royal champagne straight from the source. As usual I never leave a slave thirsty. I make sure they never go dehydrated. Coco start by face sitting the slave before she finds a glass to pee in. He is struggling a little bit, but finally she fill the glass with her pee, then I tell her to make him drink all of it. He misses some at first, but Coco give him a face slap to keep him focused. After he have consumed Coco’s pee, he start jerking something to our amusement.

Pooping Princesses Stinking Up Their Roomates Shower!!

Our Roomie was taking her shower the other morning, but Scat Sweeties Shit just couldn’t wait!! We bumrushed the bathroom camera in tow. When you see the size of the 1st log that shot out of Sweetie’s ass you will see why we couldn’t wait!! lol OMG!! It smelled so bad in there!! It was a full house in that bathroom! Me with camera, Sweetie on the pot, and our Roomate still in the shower. You don’t get to see her, but she joins in the convo. Good thing we are ladies and our poop smells like roses, hehehe!! Nah but she’s cool and didn’t mind the stench.