Girls Vomit In Each Others Mouths

Househusband Training! – Full Movie

She is the breadwinner of the family and he is the one who stays and home who do the chores and take care of the house. Another part of his role as househusband is to wait on his pretty wife and do whatever she desires. She comes home from work, tired and irritated. He immediately kneels in front of her and starts making her feel better by kissing her body all over. He takes off her shoes and inhales the smell of it. He kisses and licks her from the shoulder all the way to her stocking-covered toes.

New 2017 Princess Miya.mobil Version

001 We have a new beautiful and delicious young model Mia!She’s the most beautiful model in our studio who loves BDSM. Her favorite hobby is to beat and humiliate slaves.In this video clip she gives slaps to a slave, spits in his face. Her tasty saliva comes out of her plump lips, which are sweet as berries … mmm …Mia makes the slave to lick her ass and eat her pad.She is just excited when slaves lick her ass. Now the slave falls under the toilet chair to be fully humiliated in front of this young Lady. Mia pisses in his mouth. But the slave must also lick her pussy and ass to make it shine. The Lady pisses in his mouth. Now she shits in his mouth, his mouth is full. The slave has to eat everything, otherwise she will beat him. Now Mia feeds the slave with berries and laughs at him.In other series, Mia will severely beat the slave. She loves torturing and humiliating the slaves, placing shit in their mouths. To be continued…

Melissa’s Public Explosions!!

Melissa was letting them rip in this trio of clips!! Enjoy as that sexy mega chocolate ass you see Drops some serious farts and logs in the bowl!! Enjoy how she hovers over the toilet with her mega ass in the bowl to pee before proping that lovely ass on the bowl to crank out a nice shit. She isn’t alone in these clips however, so you get to enjoy the sounds and splashes of the women in the adjacent stalls as well as a bonus!! Lol in the first clip its almost like she was trying to hold it while the other girls were going before letting her load out. But she couldn’t hold in those farts and turds for too long!! Def another classic ass collection from the phattest in the game!! A Triple P adventure – That’s Peeing, Pooting, and Plopping for those that are unhip!

Mistresses Humiliation Party! – Full Movie

Full movie? Gang of Mistresses are gathered around in the dungeon where their slaves are humiliated one by one, humiliated by means of being delivered with their fresh golden juice and liquid shit too! Mistresses sure knows how to have a good time.