Girls Wap Ping Shit

Drink My Pee Slave – 11

I love to see my worm drinking my pee… And he must swallow all!First I piss directly in his mouth, then I piss into a shoe and I use it like a glass for him, then I piss on a sponge and when is full I wring it in his mouth…

Mistress Roberta – Toilet Training With Eating

Today my slave will get a very hard load of pee and an even harder lead to shit but he will eat it by being afraid he will upset me again so watch his struggle today in his toilet training as good

Loud Farts And Shit In The Wood

Walking through the nature, it can happen that a person has a powerful and uncontrollable urge to defecate. It happened to my friend Melissa. We were looking for honey fungus in the fields, when I seemed to hear the trumpets of the Last Judgement… no, it was just her farting and shitting at full throttle!

Want A Taste?

(NO AUDIO) Get a nice view of my shitty cheeks as slowly push out a deliciously wet poop. I honestly wish i could push out turds like this all the time. Oh yeah I forgot I got into a squat pushing out of the rest of my wet poop, then took a folk and played with it a little getting a good whiff of something slightly sweet.