Girls Who Love Vomit

Shit In Slave Mouth Then Feeding Him With Passion

Mistress Anita was ready again to use her toilet for her dirty pleasures. She need a whore and a mouth for her daily needs, and she want to use that mouth to feeeding her slave with a nice portion of her shit. She strapon fuck him before she stay with her ass on his mouth and defecate a lot inside. Very kinky action from Goddess.

Pee Shit Combo Meal

Ebony is back for another meal with a refreshing beverage

‘hd’ ‘request’ ‘desperate To Pee Into Jeans’

I loved making this first request video (more to come!). I held my pee the whole day for this. I barely was able to get the camera and make the clip in time. The customer wanted me to wait naked and desperate and then put on jeans at the last moment. Then pee into the jeans. I really understand why that turns him on, because it was so exciting. I chose these jeans because they fit so tight around my body and I can feel the pee and wetness on my skin. I never peed so much in my pants before in my life!