Girls Who Wane Having A Shit

Panty Pooper

My roommate is home today. I needed to poop so bad, I barely had time to hold it in. I turned my fan on so my roommate wouldn’t smell it. I made such a big mess in my lacy, cheeky panties. I love the feel of how warm my poo is. It was super stinky, but I could smell a hint of my dessert last night. It felt so good. I think my roommate could smell it and I heard her coming to the bathroom…hope she doesn’t find out 😉

Very Sexy I Shit A Mega Sausage

So hot styling i make you very hot with my tanga ass!! Make you very horny with my Dirty Talk…… Then i Lie on the table and open the rosette with my fingers!! Then he comes a very very long and big sausage!! My ass is smeary and you can see so near the big portion of shit!! The sausage is 25 cm long,come slave,want you eat my big shitting?

Girlfriends Scat Party!

Scat party continues? how lucky can you be, one guy with four beautiful young girls as a neighbor and they are having a scat party tonight and YOU’RE INVITED!!!